Pediatric Vision Care

An important part of your child’s overall health maintenance program is regular professional vision care. Your child’s eyes must function properly to accomplish the many visual tasks he or she will encounter in school and elsewhere.

Unless a need is identified earlier, your child should be given his or her first comprehensive eye exam by the age of three and annually thereafter.

Do not confuse a "vision screening", a brief check which tests how well a child sees an eye chart at 20 feet, with a comprehensive eye examination. Reading and learning require the integration of several different visual skills. Only one is checked by the typical school eye chart test. Quick eye examinations may cover only one or two. Our comprehensive eye exam checks all visual skills. Your child deserves the best visual care!

At an early age the visual system reaches a critical point of development. After this time, it becomes increasingly difficult to adjust the visual system in a manner that results in permanent correction of certain eye problems, such as amblyopia ("lazy eye") and strabismus ("crossed eye"). Thus, it is not wise to delay your child’s eye examination.