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At Paye Eye Care we offer a variety of different products, please choose one of the following to learn more information. We offer a wide selection of eyewear; at all times we have over 700 different frames in our optical inventory.

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Prescription Oakley Eyewear

oakleyGreat News! Oakley’s are now available in most prescriptions. Oakley Rx is unlike any other prescription eyewear. A high degree of sculptured wrap provides superior coverage and maximizes corrected peripheral vision.

All Oakley eyewear is made in the U.S.A. utilizing materials exclusive to Oakley.

Oakley’s Plutonite lenses, XYZ optics (optically correcting wrap-around lenses), and space age materials allow athletes like Michael Jordan, David Duval, Mark McGuire, Lance Armstrong, and others to wear Oakleys and still dominate their respective sports.

Paye Eye Care Center is Green Bay’s leading provider of Oakley eyewear and Oakley sunglasses.

Impact Resistance Lenses

impact1For children, athletes, and those engaged in hazardous occupations, Polycarbonate or Trivex are the lens of choice. These are the most impact resistant and safest lens materials available. Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses include ultraviolet protection and a tough durable two-sided scratch resistance.

Polarized Sun Lenses

polarized-waterskier-a-300x224 polarized-waterskier-b-300x224

Polarized lenses remove glare, brightness, ultraviolet rays, and reflections while you are having fun in the sun. They are great for fishing, golfing, boating, skiing, and most outdoor activities. They are the most comfortable sun lenses available.

View our most popular polarized lenses in our optical store.

Varilux Lenses


Trust in the comfort of better vision!

Varilux lenses give you visual freedom, including:

  • The ability to see far, near, and everything in between with one pair of eyewear
  • The ability to read the newspaper without hyper extending your elbows
  • Glasses that don’t add 20 years to your age
  • The ability to read books with normal size print
  • Allowing people to see your eyes, not the reflections from your lenses
  • The ability to see people without horizontal lines across their chests
  • The ability to see the dashboard and the billboard with the same pair of eyewear
  • The avoidance of premature wrinkle lines from squinting
Take Comfort

Varilux Lenses enable your eyes to make a smooth, gradual transition when you change your focus from near to intermediate to far vision. Unlike bifocal lenses, Varilux Lenses eliminate the line that creates an abrupt, annoying vision change from near to far vision.

The added comfort of Varilux is achieved with an increased field of vision. This larger vision field reduces unnecessary head movements both vertically and horizontally, which means you can assume a more natural, comfortable posture when viewing objects at close and intermediate ranges.

The Real Deal

The first Varilux lens was pioneered over 40 years ago. Since then, Varilux has steadily refined and improved their lens designs. Varilux Lenses are the most technologically advanced progressive lenses available in the world.

There are many attempts to duplicate Varilux technology by lower-quality imitations on the market. But you should know that the latest generation of Varilux Lenses are protected by eight patents four are pending. So when you wear Varilux, you are guaranteed the best technology available for treating presbyopia.

W.A.V.E. Technology makes the difference

It took VARILUX years of research and 8 exclusive new patents to develop this innovative new design and manufacturing process-giving you unmatched sharpness in a progressive lens thats easy and comfortable to wear.

Far Away: Guaranteed acuity where you need it most.
Mid-Range: Up to a 30% wider field of vision than other progressives.
Up Close: The most accurate near vision, easiest to transition to.
Low Light: More precision and contrast in low light and night situations.

To experience this amazing new technology, contact your eye care team at Paye Eye Care Center today!

Decot Hy-Wyd Sport Glasses

sport2Decot Hy-Wyd Sport Glasses, Inc. is a family business of three generations founded by Robert "Bud" Decot. The company is committed to producing and guaranteeing the finest sport glasses under the sun.

Decot’s unique frame is constructed of high quality spring metal, and sets behind the interchangeable lenses, eliminating smudging and fogging around the forehead and nasal area. It is lighter than titanium!

50+ lens shades have been tested and proven to create superior contrast and target definition, which helps isolate your target from the background, making it easier to concentrate and be accurate.

Made in the USA, Decot Hy-Wyd’s unique frame featuring interchangeable lenses has never been duplicated in quality and service. Each frame is custom made in Phoenix, Arizona, by Decot Hy-Wyd and is constructed of high quality spring metal. Regular or Spring hinge temples are available. Fixed or Hy-Lo bridges are available.

*Frames are available at our office location please call us at 920-499-2147 or email us at info@payevision.com